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Measuretek Scales
Measuretek Scales

Welcome to Measuretek Scales

Since its inception in 2013, MeasureTek has been providing a broad range of scales in the international market. Backed by ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing, continuous R&D, profound industry experience, and reliable service, MeasureTek is your strategic outsourcing partner for quality scale products.

We provide over 120 scale models in 6 categories: industrial, commercial, medical, postal, laboratory, and household. All the products are compliant with RoHS, most of which are CE, UL, and FCC certified in their respective markets. Some models have been approved as legal for trade by OIML (EU), NTEP (USA), and Measurement Canada.

Every year, we sell approximately 20,000 units of scales globally. By working closely with customers for over a decade, we have built dedicated international sales and technical support teams to promptly handle customers’ requests from any time zone. Keeping a keen eye for the latest technology trends, we constantly innovate products to meet customers’ needs both today and tomorrow.

Today, MeasureTek® scales are bringing accurate weighing results to people’s work and daily life. When you choose our products, you get value in MeasureTek.