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SP Portable Beam Scale
SP Portable Beam Scale
  • Applications:
    Warehouse, terminal or manufacturing plant
  • Construction:
    Rugged cast iron base, platform and lever system
    With self-aligned hardened steel pivots and "V" bearings
    Four wheels allow easy movement
    Locking screw knob on poise
  • Indicator:
    Nickel plated steel beam with engraved brass insert
    Available in KG and LB weights, easily stored on the lever systm column
  • Specification
    Item Parameters
    Model SP
    Capacity 500kgx200g/1000lbx0.5lb
    Units kg, lb
    Beam Single beam, die-cast aluminum, dual sided beam graduation in .5 lb or .2 kg increments
    Counterpoise Weights 100 lb / 45 kg (1), 200 lb / 90 kg (2), 400 lb / 181 kg (1)
    Pivots & bearings Precision machined hardened tool steel
    Work Temp. -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
    457.2x609.6mm/ 18"x24
    917.7x641.3x1092.2mm / 36.13quot;x25.25"x43quot
    Paking Size 106.0x68.0x23.5mm
    Shipping Weight G.W.: 78kg N.W.: 67.4kg


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