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Before you attempt to return any product, you must contact us directly to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number to include with your return.

245 West Beaver Creek Rd.,Unit 6,
Richmondhill, On L4B 1L1


Out of Box Failure
An out of box failure is defined as a product that will not operate within 30 days from shipment of product due to:

  • No power using the supplied power source of AC/battery operation
  • Keypad or button failure
  • Missing segments or failure of display
  • No weight reading

Inaccurate weighing or out of calibration is not  defined as a out of box failure. Calibration may be required to restore the product to weigh within the specified accuracy standards. Contact our service team at 1-778-829-5898 for calibration support, review the manual provided with the product to determine the appropriate calibration weight required. After calibration has been attempted, if Scalesco determines the product is to be defective, and RMA number will be immediately authorized.

Upon receipt of "RMA" number, Scalesco will determine if immediate product replacement will be sent at no charge or require a return of your product, freight prepaid, to Measuretek Scale Co ., Ltd for quality inspection for repair or replacement at no charge.

Incorrect Product for your Application
Scaleco Measurement Technology encourages and provides customer support prior to ordering your product. Since we are the weighing experts, we can help you determine if your product is suited to meet your applications requirements per the specifications of each product. The biggest mistake made from purchasing scales over the internet is the mis-application of a individual product for your environment or weighing requirements.

If one of our products is not suited for your application, we will help you determine the correct product from other manufacturers not supported by Measuretek Scale Co ., Ltd.

If you determine your product does not meet the your application within 30 days of shipment and upon receipt of "RMA" number, Scalesco will refund or credit your credit card upon receipt and quality inspection of the product. Items are to be returned, freight prepaid, and are subject to 20% restocking fee if:

  • Product is not returned in it's original packaging
  • Product is returned in a used condition

Error when ordering product
If you made an error in ordering a product from, you have 30-days to contact us and obtain a RMA number. Your entire order will be immediately credited upon receipt of your order, freight prepaid and quality inspection, if:

  • Product is returned in it's original packaging
  • Product is returned in unused condition

Product Service Warranty
Refer to manufacturer specific Warranty Policies, for the terms and conditions. Measuretek Scale Co ., Ltd acts as your representative for all warranty claims. Contact us for a "RMA" number and begin processing your claim. All warranty returns are to be shipped freight prepaid to the address above.

Measuretek Scale Co ., Ltd Return Policy

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