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EHC-C High Precision Counting Scale
EHC-C High Precision Counting Scale
  • Applications:
    Light industrial, parts counting, warehouse
  • Load cell:
    single point Alum. load cell makes resolution up to 1/30,000
  • Construction:
    Rugged ABS plastic housing provides years of service
    Removable stainless steel weighing platform for convenient cleaning
    Heavy-duty cast aluminum loadcell support offers safety loads
    Leveling bubble and adjustable feet for quick set-up and stability
  • Indicator:
    Easy-to-read LED display with adjustable brightness level
    20 Keys: Zero/on/off, 0/Clear, Enter, Tare, Print, Acc, Unit, RC.PLU, ST.PLU, PCWT/SPL, Hi/Lo and 1-9 digital keys for data entry
  • Functions:
    Weighing, Counting, Upper and Lower limits, Accumulation, Preset Tare
    256 PLU, saves piece weight, tare weight and unit
    Available to connect external printer (Argox OS-2130D) for labels printing  

    Item Parameters
    Model EHC-C-3    EHC-C-6    EHC-C-15    EHC-C-30
    Capacity EHC-C-3: 3kgx0.1g / 6lbx0.0002lb
    EHC-C-6: 6kgx0.2g / 12lbx0.0005lb
    EHC-C-15: 15kgx0.5g / 30lbx0.001lb
    EHC-C-30: 30kgx1g / 60lbx0.002lb
    Units kg, lb
    Display 3 windows, 6 digits / window, 0.56" (14.2mm) high, 7
    segments LED display
    Power 12VDC 500mA adapter or 6V 4Ah rechargeable battery
    Serial Port RS232
    Work Temp. -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
    297x227mm/ 11.69"x8.94"
    294x342x117mm / 11.57"x13.46"x4.61"
    Paking Size 720x400x345mm/4pcs/ctn    
    G.W.: 21kg  N.W.: 19kg
    Approvals CE, WEEE directive, CE/BS/UL/VI energy adapter
    Options RS232 cable, Argox OS-2130D Printer


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